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Waiver Terms & Conditions

_____________________, as the parent/guardian of the child named named in this form (hereinafter referred to as "My Child"), hereby grant Weissography and its agents the absolute right and permission to use photographic portraits, pictures, digital images, or videotapes of My Child, or in which My Child may be included in whole or in part, or reproductions thereof in color or otherwise, for any lawful purpose whatsoever, including but not limited to use in any publication, advertisement, or on the websites affiliated with Weissography, without payment or any other consideration.

I understand and agree that the photographs, images, or videotapes may be used in various mediums, both online and offline, and may be shared with the public or other entities associated with Weissography. This includes but is not limited to usage on social media platforms, promotional materials, brochures, websites, galleries, or any other means of communication or presentation.

I waive any right that I may have to inspect and/or approve the finished product or the copy that may be used in connection therewith, wherein My Child's likeness appears, or the use to which it may be applied. I understand that Weissography has sole discretion in the selection, editing, and use of the photographs, images, or videotapes of My Child.

I acknowledge and agree that Weissography and its agents shall not be held responsible or liable for any claims, demands, or causes of action that I or My Child may have, whether known or unknown, arising out of or in connection with this authorization or the use of My Child's photographic portraits, pictures, digital images, or videotapes. This includes, but is not limited to, any liability resulting from blurring, distortion, alteration, optical illusion, or use in composite form, whether intentional or otherwise, that may occur or be produced in the taking of said images or videotapes, or in their subsequent processing or use.

I understand that I may revoke this authorization at any time by providing a written notice to Weissography. However, I acknowledge that such revocation will not affect any actions taken prior to the receipt of this written notification.

I further understand that Weissography will take reasonable measures to store the images securely and limit access to authorized personnel only. The images will be retained for as long as they are relevant and necessary for the purposes specified. After that time, they will be destroyed or archived in accordance with Weissography's established practices.

By signing below, I signify that I have read and understood the terms of this consent waiver and voluntarily grant Weissography permission to use and publish photographs, images, or videotapes of My Child, as outlined above.

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