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Terms & Conditions​


Updated 6/8/23

The terms and conditions outlined here pertain to the usage and distribution of digital goods provided by Weissography. Let's break down each section:

Digital Goods:
  •  All digital products are available for instant download.

  • The products are licensed for personal use only.

  • Users are advised to back up their purchases.


Refund Policy:
  • Due to the nature of digital products, refunds or exchanges are not provided.

  • Certain digital products customers are allowed to download the file only once.

  • It is recommended to create a backup of the purchased file.


Resell of Content:
  • Users are prohibited from reselling, redistributing, or sharing the images (in whole or in part) for any reason.

  • Claiming the designs as one's own is not allowed.

  • Selling any design, whether digitally or in print, on online stores (such as Etsy, Ebay, or general online card stores) outside the scope of the provided license is prohibited.

Product Copyright:
  • The products are licensed for personal use, meaning they can be copied for private use.

  • Full copies of the works are permitted.

  • Copies cannot be lent or shared with others.

  • The original work being copied must be obtained legally.

  • Artistic works can be copied in their entirety.


Licensing and Copyright:​
  • Purchasing a digital product grants the buyer the right to use the product in a specific manner but does not transfer the copyright of the product.

  • The copyright remains the property of Weissography.

  • Users are not allowed to copy, loan, give away, or sell the product to others.


Enforcement of Copyright:
  • Weissography reserves the right to take legal action if it discovers that its copyright materials have been used in violation of the provided license.

  • Legal proceedings may seek monetary damages, injunctions, or legal costs from the violator.


Prohibited Uses:
  • Printables are not allowed to be used for others.

  • Digital products cannot be resold, including logos, digital cards, digital paper, etc.

  • Banners, avatars, and website designs made using these products are not to be created for others.

  • Printed copies of the products, as is, cannot be sold to others or used to create derivative works.


By purchasing these products, users accept and agree to abide by these terms of use.

In summary, these terms and conditions aim to restrict the usage and distribution of digital products to personal use only. Users are not permitted to resell or share the products, claim ownership, or use them in ways that violate copyright. Violations may lead to legal action and associated penalties.

More information: Commercial, Web and Digital License Agreement

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