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Sales Agreement


Updated 10/23

1. Digital Goods:

- Our digital products are ready for instant download upon purchase.
- These products are lic
ensed for personal use only. 
- It's wise to back up your purchases to prevent loss.


2. Refund Policy:

- Due to the digital nature of our products, we don't offer refunds or exchanges.
- Some products have a one-time download limit.
- We recommend backing up your purchased files.

3. Resell and Redistribution:

- Reselling, redistributing, or sharing our products is not allowed.
- Claiming our designs as your own or selling them on platforms like Etsy, eBay, or other online stores is proh


4. Product Copyright:

- Our products are licensed for personal use—you can copy them for private use, but not share or lend them to others.
- The copyright remains with Weissography.


5. Licensing and Copyright:

- Buying a digital product grants you a license to use it in specific ways, but doesn't transfer the copyright.
- You can't copy, loan, give away, or sell our products to others.


6. Enforcement of Copyright:

- We may take legal action if our copyrighted materials are used against the terms of the provided license.
- Legal proceeding
s could seek damages, injunctions, or cover legal costs.


7. Prohibited Uses:

- Our digital products, including printables, logos, digital cards, banners, avatars, and website designs, can't be used for others, resold, or used to create derivative works.


8. Design Ownership and Usage Rights:

- All designs remain the sole property of Weissography until purchased.
- Once purchased, you can use the designs for any lawful purpose, but the designer retains marketing usage rights.
- Designs not purchased remain the property of Weissography and can't be used without written permission.
- Weissography retains the right to be credited for design work, unless otherwise agreed.


9. Indemnification:

- You agree to hold Weissography harmless against claims due to materials included in the Design at your request, for which no copyright permission or privacy release was obtained, or uses exceeding those allowed by a license or permission.

By purchasing our products, you accept and agree to these terms of use. Our aim is to restrict the usage and distribution of our digital products to personal use only. Unauthorized resale, sharing, or use in violation of copyright is prohibited and may lead to legal action.


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