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Poster Design Process

The process to get a custom poster made is pretty simple.

First, you need the right shot for the poster, then we need to use it to design your image, then you order your print. If you are at either of these steps or want to start let me know and we can get the process started.

Getting the right shot

It may happen that I am at one of your child’s games taking pictures. I may have been contracted by another parent or a group of parents. I charge a nominal fee that covers my time and travel to the game. I will then share all the images I took after some minor edits. Those images are free to download and share.

It is important to remember that obtaining the right shot can be challenging being at the mercy of weather conditions, low light situations, and individual player "playtime". I will always do my best to account for these changing conditions, but I may not be able to get great shots of every player. I will work to get quality shots for an individual's poster order.

Designing the poster

If I have an image you like or if you have a high-quality image you would like to use in a design you would complete the Individual Athletic Request Form and provide any details about the design with me. This service costs $15 for most single-player designs. The image you are ordering through this service will be yours with right so print share and modify.

Printing services

I have secured a trusted vendor to handle all printed products ordered from my website. Individuals who have completed the Consent Form will see their poster design available one the Weissography Store to order prints. Standard poster sizes will be available for your print. Additional design modifications or sizes can be requested if the size you're looking for is not available.

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